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This school got recommendation from CBSE New Delhi. It was due to the magnificent, munificene and vision that this Nursery School gradually developed in to a full fledged public school in 2014. It is Sh. M.S. Rana & Mrs. Rajesh Rana Golden dream to establish a unique system in the foot steps of Shivalik Hills having a Pleasent atmosphere. The school that started in April 2014 with 200 students has now 800 students from classes I to XII. The school is divided into two sections Junior section and Senior Section. Boys who are 5 year old on 1st April of the year joining are admitted to class. Students who are overage for their class shall not be admitted. The fees includes payment for all activities available to the students and cover payment for tution, boarding, lodging laundry hair cut and ordinary medical attention. This however does not include expenses of personal nature such as toilet articles, books and stationery, charges for special medical aid, Travelling expenses, clothing etc.









Our Philosophy & Objectives

We are here laying a foundation for the future of India and we are performing a very sacred duty. All that i want to say is don’t be contended with what we have achieved. The law of nature is either we move forward or we have to move backward.Therefore, if we want to move forward, we have to constantly work hard, with determination and devotion..”We also strive to make the atmosphere friendly to make the child feel at ease and endeavour to succeed by developing in it confidence, self respect and self discipline that are the pre-requisites for success in life.