School Activities

The school lays great emphasis on curricular activities. They form an integral part of the school curriculum. Following are some of the activities that are organised.

Activity 1: Sahityika

The Aim of the club is to develop creative writing on Hindi and English. Original writings are selected and read out by the authors themselves before an authience in the Sahityika assembly.

Activity 2: Science Club

Activity 3: Debate & Declamations.

Activity 4: School Band.

Activity 5: Tours Treks & Visits.

Activity 6: Festivals.

Activity 7: Recreation.

Activity 8: School Council.

Art Education

As part of the Art Education, students will study Commercial Art Painting and a number of co-curricular activities.

Physical & Helth Education

The scheme of physical education is so planned as to ensure the fullest and manifold development of the indivisuality of the child enabling him to attain mental soundness emotional stability, physical maturity and moral values Games and sports are organized in such a way as to ensure participation by all students at the same time. Students take part in the following games Football, Hockey, Cricket, Basketwall and volleyball according to the season and indoor games like Badminton ete. These games are organized on House basis are invited and our students also go out to play.

Parent Teacher Meeting

The School conducts regular and compulsory Parent Teacher Meetings to keep the parents informed about the progress of the child and also the problems he/she faces while learning. It also helps teachers to understand the child better and help her/him with her/his progress more effectively.