Welcome Message

Office of the Chairman

We are here laying a foundation for the future of India and we are performing a very sacred duty.
All that i want to say is don’t be contended with what we have achieved. The law of nature is either we move forward or we have to move backward.
Therefore, if we want to move forward, we have to constantly work hard, with determination and devotion..
”We also strive to make the atmosphere friendly to make the child feel at ease and endeavour to succeed by developing in it confidence, self respect and self discipline that are the pre-requisites for success in life.

Mr. Malkiat Singh Rana



Message From The Principal

Dear Parents,

I Thank you for your interest and confidence shown in S.I.C.S. it is a great pleasure to welcome your son to S.I.C.S. , Jawalamukhi. I am sure he/she will find a homely atmosphere , which would help her/him to adjust in the new environment. S.I.C.S. is a family where children coming from different backgrounds and from different parts of the country gather on a common platform to share their fellow friends and communicate with each other and with their teachers in a conducive atmosphere. A student is exposed to various kinds of experience some pleasant while others could be unpleasent and it is expected that in such cases he/she confides in his teachers or housemasters. His/Her initiative might draw the required attention of the people he/she is associated with well in time. He/She will be fully attended. Only in serious cases of illness we send a telegram to the parents.

S.I.C.S. stands committed not only to educate the boys for achieving high percentage in academics but also to infuse and inculcate human values. My team of faculty members work with full determination and dedication to pave the way for enhanced awareness, greater openness, courage, freedom to explore, build self confidence, self respect and become a dignified and a proud citizen of the country.

I would like to request you to kindly brief us about his physical, psychological or emotional problems, if any, and if he is allergic to any medicine or anything. The routine of S.I.C.S. begins from the rising bell at 5:30 a.m. and keeps the student on toes the whole day. It ends up at 9:30 pm. In the right when he goes flat on his bed in the world of dreams only to get fresh the next morning. It could be strenuous for a few, but everything settles down with the passage of time. A child is being prepared to face the world of challenges and cut throat competitions. The life in the boarding school is full of fun, enjoyment and challenges, if you visualize its panoramic view, it is a place where a child actually grows both internally and externally.

Shaping the future of a child involves a close cooperation among teachers, housemasters and parents. I would advise you to train your child to do his daily routine chores by himself-like polishing his shoes and keeping his belongings properly. I would appeal to you not to give expensive articles or dresses. He does not need them here. His extra needs will be managed throught hs personal account.

Kindly cooperate in maintaining the discipline of the school, which is the backbone of the institution. The reward of all efforts put in by the teachers and parents will be realised when the eyes of the child sparkle with delight by his achievements.

Best Regards.

Yours sincerely.

Mr. Munish Rana.